Have your Lawn Winter Ready with 5 Easy Tips

There is nothing worse than putting so much effort into your lawn in the warmer months, to have it fade away in Winter. Don’t let your turf be affected by Sydney’s seasons, here is 5 simple solutions to have your grass growing better than ever in Winter.

Keep that lawn longer. By knocking your mower blades up a notch or two enables the grass more opportunity to photosynthesise, with the reduced daylight hours you’re giving your grass the best chance grow.

Add Some Light. In addition to point number one, large trees and bushes will shade your grass in a time when sunlight is crucial to the health of your lawn. Locate your the areas that are devoid of direct sunlight at the middle hours of the day and prune them back. You would be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

Stop the Drop. As it gets colder the water you apply to your lawn won’t be absorbed as fast as it did in February. If you reduce the water on your grass it is far less likely to develop diseases and mould which ultimately is the cause those ugly brown patches.

Pull the Weeds. Yes an obviously one, but it simply isn’t done enough. If you have just given your lawn a light watering, the day later the softened ground will make those little buggers much easier to remove. Additionally, the less obnoxious weeds in your lawn the more your grass can spread it’s roots deep in the colder months.

Feed at the Right Times. There are two crucial windows for fertilisation. In May and in Mid June. This is where you can’t cut corners, purchase a high quality winter fertiliser and read the directions on the packaging. These fertilisers are slow releasing and will keep your lawn looking great in Winter but i’ll also have it ready to explode in December.

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