What is Sydney’s Best Turf?

So what is the best turf for Sydney and NSW? We have enjoy consistent temperature along the Sydney coast and a more extreme climate inland heading out to the mountains. With the acres of turf varieties available, Sydney Wide Turf is making it simple to chose what to roll out with a selection of the best turfs for Sydney and NSW.


Matilda Buffalo


Comfortable, convenient and easy to maintain, buffalo grass is the ideal choice for Sydney backyards. Whatever your budget, the competitive price per square metre will ensure that even the largest spaces can be covered and affordable maintained. Whether you’re battling frost in winters of Penrith  or the searing heat of Summer, your turf will stay looking immaculate with a little maintenance throughout the year.


Sapphire Buffalo


Not only is a Sapphire buffalo lawn hard wearing, due to its quick recovery from wear damage, but it is also shade tolerant like all other good varieties of buffalo grass. Until now, fine textured buffalo lawns have been slow growing, and shallow rooted, but a Sapphire buffalo lawn is different. The Sapphire turf is a favourite of ours for Sydney because the kids can fall down and leave diverts without getting hurt and a bonus is that it wont worry the grass. We believe it is the only fine textured, quick recovering buffalo grass in the world. And a Sapphire buffalo lawn also has excellent disease tolerance, and a great winter colour.


Palmetto Buffalo


Palmetto Buffalo grass  has outstanding winter colour. Side by side comparisons on many of our growers farms over the last few years have shown that when it gets cold in winter, most other Buffalos don’t stay as green as Palmetto. On average, has 75.5% better winter colour than other buffalo grass types, this means you will have the greenest grass all year round in Sydney. Plus with all the additional benefits of a hardy buffalo turf the Palmetto is a great option for the gardener who really wants their turf to shine.


Overall regardless of what type of turf you want to roll out in Sydney, we recommend a tough and durable buffalo. Now with the competitive prices of the Matilda, the plushness of the Sapphire and ever green Palmetto, Sydney Wide Turf will ensure your next lawn really grows on you all year round.

If you have any questions about your lawn or know someone that could use a better quality lawn give us a call on: 1300 878 873