Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo

About Kings Pride

Please note due to recent flooding this variety is not available, if you would like us to contact you when it becomes available please let us know

Imagine a totally new Australian soft leaf buffalo grass that is greener for longer, softer than ever, yet even more hard-wearing. A grass that looks better, performs better and allows you more time to enjoy your lawn and your life.

Kings Pride is redefining what makes a good lawn truly great.

Why a new Buffalo grass?

  • Superior shade tolerance
  • Capacity to mow the grass to very low levels
  • The best wear and tear capacity
  • Winter colour (stands out under heavy frost)
  • Lesser seed head production
  • Not damaged by any registered chemicals

Kings Pride is superior when compared to all other
soft leaf buffalo grasses on the market today

Based on the National Turfgrass Evaluation Trial results, Kings Pride Buffalo outperformed four of its main competitors in seven out of ten of the categories –  low thatch, winter growth, root depth,  low nitrogen requirements, winter colour, low seed head production and recovery.

It also equalled or outperformed its competitors for wear, water efficiency and 50% shade. For a copy of the full results see the Horticulture Australia (HAL) Website.

Kings Pride’s all conquering quality in the lawn stakes will reward your choice with happy experiences many times over. For more information give our friendly staff a call on 1300 878 873