Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo

Sir Walter is Sydney’s favourite lawn is now available at Sydney Wide Turf. It is a soft leaf buffalo variety, but this unique family lawn turf is different from any home lawn variety that you have come across before.

A natural selection, it was born and bred under tough Australian conditions. This unique heritage makes Sir Walter better suited to our Aussie environment and better able to stand the very different challenges of our harsh climate. Sir Walter is suitable for lawns all around Australia.

A creeping broad leaf variety of lawn, it is easily contained as it only creeps across the surface area (not sub-surface). Sir Walter will tolerate heavy traffic, including pets, and is extremely drought tolerant. It grows well in both full sun and shady spots being able to tolerate up to 70% shade.


Generally Sir Walter is the ideal lawn for your problem areas, particularly if you have trees that shade your lawn and have previously had trouble growing other varieties in that patch.

Being a low maintenance, evergreen lawn, Sir Walter is the perfect choice for your family lawn and is the answer if you have high traffic areas, pets or a heavily shaded lawn area.


Sir Walter should be maintained at about 40 mm to give a beautiful soft feel to the lawn.

In a shady position it should be kept longer at all times, to allow more leaf growth to compensate for the lack of sunlight, and watered less frequently.

In spring your Sir Walter lawn (as with any lawn) should be mown very low and fertilised. This removes the thatch that has built up in your lawn and allows new stolon growth.

Sir Walter does not require a high fertilizer regime. Three applications of a balanced slow release lawn food – once in Sep, once in Dec, once in March – and a single application of a balanced organic fertiliser in April or May, per annum will give excellent results.

Once established Sir Walter requires much less water than other varieties of turf. In normal conditions generally one watering per week would be adequate then increase as required during peak summer.  In conditions where the soil moisture is limited increase watering.


Holds its green colour in winter

Performs well in sun and shade

Maintenance of your lawn is less with Sir Walter

The natural dense layer actually reduces water loss through evaporation

The dense carpet like growth is capable of producing a natural weed control mat which is proficient at preventing invasion of other grasses

The fast growth enables the lawn to “self-repair”, even from substantial damage

Soft to touch

Drought tolerant

Herbicide tolerant

Fungus resistant

Uses less fertiliser than most other turfs

*Please note while this turf is the same, this is not DNA Certified Sir Walter and as such does not come with the certificates and guarantees offered by Lawn Solutions, for more information on what that mean please call us on 1300 878 873