Tall Fescue


Our Tall Fescue is 80% Tall Fescue Turf blended with 20%Kentucky Blue Grass.

It is a cool season variety.

Tall Fescue turf can be laid all year round. Yes, even on the coldest day in the middle of winter.

It’s non invasive, it will not end up in your gardens.

You need to either reseed patches or grab a roll of turf to fix damaged areas.

It copes with average wear.

Grows well in full sun and is good to moderate for shade tolerance.

Tall Fescue can be thirsty in the hotter months especially if laid on hard soil.

Tall Fescue is a good choice of grass for extreme climates as long as good water supply is available for the hotter months of the year.

Mowing heights 40 – 50mm in full sun and 50 – 60mm in shaded areas.

Needs mowing every 7 days in summer.