Due to issues arising from a number of customers not providing sufficient notice for postponement or cancellation of orders, we have revised our Terms and Conditions for 2019.

Please read this policy thoroughly prior to ordering. These terms and conditions are considered accepted upon the placement of an order.

Ordering Conditions

All payments are due 24 hours prior to turf being cut. Turf is usually cut the night before your delivery. E.g. if you are having turf delivered on a Saturday morning it would be cut Friday evening. We would advise payment to be made via EFT by Wednesday to give it 48 hours to transfer over. In the event that an order is placed less than 48 hours before delivery full payment via credit card will be required prior to the confirmation of your order (please note we have a 1% surcharge on all credit card transactions).

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations must be made in writing to accounts@sydneywideturf.com.au and must be made three business days prior to the delivery.

In the event of a cancellation, a 10% cancellation fee is applicable of the total purchase price. If payment has been made, then the cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount and the rest will be refunded. If no payment has been made, then a separate invoice will be issued and payment of the cancellation fee will be required within 7 business days.

If the cancellation is made within three business days of the delivery, but prior to the turf being cut, then a 15% cancellation fee of the total price is applicable. If Payment has been made, then this will be deducted from the amount and the rest will be refunded. If no payment has been made, then a separate invoice will be issued and payment of the cancellation fee will be required within 7 business days.

Once the turf has been cut you will liable for the entire order regardless of whether it is delivered or not. If payment has already been made no refund will be offered regardless of the situation or circumstances. If no payment has been made it will be required within 7 days.

Please note all unpaid amounts after the 7 days are immediately submitted to the Small claims court if NSW and any fees and charges incurred will be passed on.

Postponement of delivery

In the event that you require your delivery to be moved we require a weeks notice to move the date. If the request is made less than a week in advance, a $150 ‘late notice postponement’ fee will be added to your order. This is done as we accept other orders and plan deliveries based on the orders we already have, so by moving your delivery you can significantly impact other customer’s deliveries.

Poor Weather Conditions

Please be aware that turf cannot be cut in the rain or if the fields are waterlogged. We always to our utmost to cut turf despite poor weather conditions. However, this is impossible in circumstances where it is unsafe to operate the cutting machinery (e.g. waterlogged fields).

While we do our best to predict conditions with as much notice as possible, it is impossible to do so with 100% accuracy or far in advance due to the many variables involved. In these circumstances, notice of postponement of an order can occur as late as the afternoon prior to delivery. Sydney Wide Turf does not accept any responsibility if we are unable to cut the turf due to factors out of our control.

Conditions of Sale

The Purchaser acknowledges that the results to be obtained from the use of the products heron are largely dependent upon the purchaser following normal plant growth procedures. The vendor shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising out of failure by the purchaser to correctly use the products. Under no circumstances shall the vendor be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of or products. Sydney Wide Turf does not warrant or guarantee any products and any warranties or guarantees made are from the supplier of manufacturer of the product and any claims are subject to their terms and conditions.

Any claims that relate to Sydney Wide Turf e.g. incorrect product, quantity issues etc. must be made in writing within 24 Hours. After 24 hours has elapsed, any claims relating to these issues will not be accepted.

Refund & Returns Policy

Please take care in what you are ordering as we do not offer refunds for incorrect ordering or if you have ordered too much or simply changed your mind, for these reasons all orders are final, and refunds will not be offered for these reasons. Refund will only be offered in accordance to NSW Law.

Delivery Conditions

The supplier’s responsibility for the delivery of materials will cease at the kerbside of the delivery address. If it is necessary for a vehicle to cross the footpath or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting delivery the purchaser will provide safe and adequate access and not withstanding will pay for ALL damage to any public or private property and every injury or wrong which may result therefrom. Sydney Wide Turf does NOT accept any responsibility or liability for any damage. By requesting the delivery be effected on private property you are acknowledging that you are either in a position to grant access to the property (i.e. owner) or you have the owner’s consent to allow access to the private property. Drivers are instructed to assess all areas prior to unloading, please note drivers must adhere to a strict WH&S policy and if the driver does not feel it is safe in the location of your choice you must select a safer position for the delivery of goods. If you are not satisfied with this than the driver will return to the yard and you will be charged a restocking fee and an additional delivery if required. If a driver agrees to unload in a location selected by the customer and is unable to get out, the customer MUST make arrangements for the safe removal of the delivery vehicle including any fees.

In the event a subcontractor is used to facilitate the delivery any issues must be made directly to them.

If you are unable to accept or refuse to accept these conditions and insist on the delivery vehicle be returned no refund will be available and a return charge may be applied.


All goods remain the Property of the vendor until full payment has been made. Please note that if there is a dispute in payment, the person who signed for the delivery will ultimately be responsible for full payment of the delivery.

Delivery Acceptance

Whomever accepts the delivery in doing so acknowledges that they are authorised to receive the goods ordered and acknowledge receipt of the goods are as per the order. They also accept the delivery conditions listed above and acknowledge their responsibilities and liabilities in relation to the effecting of the delivery