Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo


Please note due to recent flooding this variety is not available, if you would like us to contact you when it becomes available please let us know

Shademaster is the first pioneer of Australian Soft Leaf Buffalo varieties, premium multi-purpose and economical. It is an extremely hardy turf and is able to tolerate a wide range of conditions and situations, with excellent shade tolerance and a vigorous rate of growth. It has a broad dark green leaf, and minimal thatch.

Excellent for heavy traffic areas and is able to compete against weeds. Shademaster Buffalo prefers a warmer climate however it can also perform well in cooler temperate regions.

Maintenance with Shademaster is moderate to high and coupled together with its economical price makes it very popular and an ideal option. Shademaster has a rapid rate of establishment and therefore is ideal for the landscaping industry as well as local governments.

Shademaster also excels well in the home garden as it has exceptional growth and can withstand high traffic as well as pets. Shademaster is very versatile; it thrives in full sun as well as partial shade making it an excellent lawn. Shademaster is extremely salt tolerant which also makes it suitable for coastal areas.

To boot Shademaster is one of the cheapest buffalos on the market, so if you are turfing an investment property and don’t want to use Kikuyu or just working to a budget than Shademaster will work well for you.

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